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How to import a money-making product that keeps on selling


Everyone who imports aim to make big money via their import business. But as I see the real success lays behind the product you chose to import. It is extremely important to import the right product. The product should be in demand, ideally rare or too expensive in your home country, and be able to sell on a higher price in order to make money. Do not just import anything, that will be a waste of your money and there is no point of just having unsold items on a shelf for years. Therefore, be sure about what you want to import and always do your research before you start. I recommend the following 3 rules for someone who hasn’t decided or confused about importing the right products.



  • Find a Product You’re Passionate About

    This is very important. You are most likely to be successful if you chose a product that you are passionate about. Because if you order and sell a product that you aren’t passionate about or do not trust how can you sell it to a customer?
    It is a clever idea to continue with the same field you are currently working with in the beginning. Let’s assume you currently have a furniture store and you can examine your customers buying patterns and what do they request, as an example if you identify a certain wood that is not available in your home country and easily available in china making furniture from that material will give you more sales.When you follow your passion, it will get easier to find potential buyers, and knock your competitors down.
  • Chose a unique product you can sell for higher price

    The idea of importing is not getting the cheapest, poorly made, low quality items in a huge container and selling thousands of them to just to meet your ends. The price is always related with demand. If you choose an item which is unique, not easily available in your home country, you can sell them for a high price and increase your profit margin. It is different when you sell an item for $1000 and selling thousands of $1 items. In the first option it is easier to gain profit.

  • Chose a Product You Can Ship in Large Quantities

    Always aim to ship your products at a high quantity. At once, if you have to ship your products from china multiple times. You are not doing it right and you are operating in an excessive cost. And you also have to understand that shipping cost comes with multiple hidden costs. So always try to get your products in a single shipment. That will reduce the cost per product and you will gain more profit. Before you decide on what to import, do your research. Get to know what is trendy and what is not.



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How to import from China. The perfect way

Everyone wants to be an importer these days because we see how people go from zero to 100 real fast with the success as an importer. And that is a proven fact, if you import in the correct way you can achieve success. Importing is not easy it is complexed process which requires knowledge and skills. The complexity starts the moment you try to pick a product. What steps you take in this complexed path which looks easy will decide your success. This step by step guide will give you an understanding about the crucial steps you should follow in order to be a successful importer.



1. Identify your rights as an importer

Once you import your products from foreign sources, you are an importer. Pay attention to your rights as an importer. Usually regulations only apply to goods imported for commercial purposes. The customs authority has the exclusive power to make judgments about what is considered as items for personal use. If you have Several t-shirts that are identical it will be tough passing the credibility test as items for personal use.


2. Decide the products you are going to import

We suggest:
Chose a product you like – You will have a passion to market and sell
Chose a unique product – Selling price and demand will be high
Chose a product you can ship in copious quantities – lowest shipping cost per unit

Do your research and find out the products if those goods are legal in your country. Different countries have different prohibited products. Also make sure whether the goods you intend to import are subject to any permits, restrictions or regulations by your government.

3. Classify your goods and calculate the landing cost.

Get the product price from the supplier
Get the shipping charges from China freight forwarding company
Get the charges of Customs clearance, duty tax, land transportation to your warehouse

4. Find your potential suppliers.

We suggest you find via trusted sources, evaluate supplier profiles, check the customer review of suppliers Ask for the details of their satisfied overseas suppliers.
Avoid negotiation online if you can (At China Homelife we give you the opportunity to meet suppliers face to face and with our O2O Platform you will be able to communicate with suppliers prior to the exhibition)

5. Arrange your cargo transport.

There are many hidden costs in shipping, such as container fees, packaging, terminal handling, and broker fees. To understand the total shipping costs, take all these numbers in to consideration.

6. Track your cargo and get prepared for arrival.

International shipping is not going to be very fast. While you wait, check your commercial invoice, packing list, the landing cost, or any freight documents. That way you will be safe if you get any problem. You should have the knowledge of steps of custom clearance.

7. Obtain your shipment.

When your container arrives, get your customs broker to clear them through customs and quarantine. if you are satisfied with everything now it is time to take your goods to warehouse.


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